Unicyclists Must Read!!

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about Kris Holm I’ll give you a little background. Kris is the founder of competitive trials unicycling. He basically raised mountain unicycling and trials unicycling like a momma bear raises her cubs. Kris eventually got sick of his equipment breaking so he revolutionized unicycles to what they are today. He continues to innovate his equipment to give the unicycle community top of the line gear. On top of that he’s an incredibly nice guy and continues to push unicycling mainstream.

Despite the recent addition to the Holm family with the birth of Kris’ daughter, he still finds time to release his first book “The Essestial Guide to Moutain and Trials Unicycling.” This book is a must have for unicyclists of all skill levels. With over 250 colour photos it’s even a must for toddlers! I gaurentee it will be the first book Kris’ daughter will read. The book will be available for purchase in unicycle shops worldwide mid-late April.  For more info and to download a preview please visit http://gradientpress.com/.

Also check a video Mercedes made featuring Kris Holm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJdHiUacYZY&feature=player_embedded

In the words of Nike, “Life is a Sport, Make it Count.”

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