First Week In Italy

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Blessed. That sums up my feelings right now.

Everyone is finally arriving at UNICON 16 in Brixen, Italy. I’m meeting all the riders I’ve looked up to since I first started riding. Everyone here is so chill and nice. Corbin Dunn is in the same room as me and I remember drooling over pictures of his trials course when I first started riding. I also met the Pohams today and that was something I’ve wanted to do since I saw their first video. It’s unique because I’ve talked to all of them on Facebook and Unicycle Forums so it doesn’t really feel like it’s my first time meeting people. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to meet all these amazing people and ride with them in ITALY!

Colby Danger Thomas and I have been in Brixon since the 14th so today is our one week mark. We basically run the city, all the locals love us. I’m all about supporting local business.

The only thing that was sketchy since we have been in Brixen was when we got up at 6:50AM and breakfast didn’t start til 7:30AM so we had to kill some time. We were walking around the Cathedral in the center of town and we walked down an alley and came out to a little square that only had one door into a house/church. There was a fairly big ledge in the corner and being the 19 year old immature kid I am, I wanted to get to the top. There was a wire fence on top but it stopped 3 feet from the edge so you could squeeze through. I felt like Jackie Chan as I 2 stepped off each wall in the corner and grabbed onto the ledge. I pulled myself up and I saw a garden on the other side and I took a few cool pictures of the rusted wire fence. I was explaining to Colby my view from the top when we heard keys jingling and footsteps coming down the alley. My first instinct told me to hurry and jump down so he wouldn’t see me up there but I was too late. As I jumped down a typical German looking man walked out and immediately thought we were robbing the place. He spoke little English and I showed him a picture I took trying to explain that what I did was harmless. I said “Sorry sir” and he snapped back “NO SORRY, POLICE!” At that moment he went to grab Colby and I yelled “Run Colby!” and we took off back to our hostel. When we got into our room we were both panting and a little shaken up. We avoided the square for the rest of the day but haven’t seen the man since. Could have been a lot different if we hadn’t have got out of there. I know it was irresponsible and immature but luckily we are okay and I think I learned my lesson.. 😉

We changed Hostels on Wednesday to a catholic school and they use it as a hostel in the summer. It’s a room of 5 beds and everyone in it unicycles. Some Swedish riders are in the room next to us and they claim to have heard Yodeling up in the mountains a couple of mornings ago. Epic.

I met my sponsor Kris Holm on Saturday. Well, I was judging a trials line he was doing and we talked for a second. I’ve only heard good things about him and he’s a really nice guy, hopefully I get to chat with him some more while I’m here.

I ran out of clothes which meant I had to do what my loving mother usually does for me. Laundry. It’s a sketchy set up with a laundry machine practically up to my knees. Corbin and I picked up some soap from the store hoping that we got the right kind because he only speaks a little German and no Italian. It makes me extremely grateful for laundry machines back home, especially since we have to hang our clothes up to dry here. I’m sure it’s a great experience that will prepare me for my mission in Merida, Mexico!

Few side notes, I’m addicted to the Gelato, I’ve eaten Pizza every day since we arrived in brixon, I landed a new trick that I’m the 2nd in the world to land, landed a few other new tricks, Eli slept over a couple of nights ago <3, I’m addicted to Nutella, The catholic place scares me especially the forbidden 4th floor.

I took some amazing photos on Sunday of everyone riding. Check them out on the Facebook album here:

Again I’m missing my family and friends back home, I love you all so much!

I’m sure I forgot some stuff but I’ll put it in the next one!

I compete this Thursday in flatland so I’ll let you all know how it goes! J Wish me luck!

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