My name is Kevin Kartchner. I’m a professional unicyclists and I’m studying finance at Utah State University. I recently returned from a two year LDS service mission in Cancun, Mexico. I currently work as a Media Production Specialist at Utah State University. I will use this blog to update my unicycle accomplishments, life events, and things that I’m learning.

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One thought on “About

    Adhie said:
    May 28, 2012 at 7:19 am

    Daniel, my husband was JAZZED to get his SBU for Christmas, esicapelly after he found out it was the one Kris Holm demo’d. He’s been riding a conventional unicycle for almost 40 years now, so has some habits to unlearn but he plans to have it mastered on his next day off. My sons on the other hand also unicyclists pretty much got on and rode.I earned some major wife points with this gift worth every penny. And he’s gonna be the coolest gray haired kid on the block )

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